Acree Technologies Inc.

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Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Acree Technologies offers corrosion resistant coatings. These coatings are used in applications ranging from salt water exposure in marine environments, to the inside of oil pipelines, to coatings for pacemaker electrodes for heart patients. Frequently, these applications also require wear or erosion resistance. For example, propellers on small, shallow water craft require corrosion resistance against sea water but also resistance to erosion from sand and cavitation effects. At ATI we have developed coating systems that satisfy this dual role - increased corrosion resistance while providing increased mechanical durability.

uncoated steelcoated steel
Uncoated steel-corrosion
Steel coated by Acree-no corrosion

The optical micrographs above illustrate the benefits of coating. Both parts were submerged in a customer specified salt water brine (NaCl) mixture. After just 7 days in the solution, the uncoated steel shows significant corrosion damage. In contrast, the coated part shows no corrosion damage following the same exposure.

Acree's corrosion resistant coatings set an unofficial record in a test conducted at NAWC Patuxent River, the U.S. Navy's principal research, development, test, evaluation, and engineering center. Acree submitted a coated sample for "salt fog" testing that was supposed to last 200 hours. However, the researcher forgot to pull the sample until over 2000 hours had elapsed. The Navy was impressed that Acree's coating showed no signs of corrosion.

corrosion resistant coatings

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